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焊接及相关工艺英文缩写 [复制链接]


  AHW——atomic hydrogen welding——原子氢焊

  BMAW——bare metal arc welding——无保护金属丝电弧焊

  CAW——carbon arc welding——碳弧焊

  CAW-G——gas carbon arc welding——气保护碳弧焊

  CAW-S——shielded carbon arc welding——有保护碳弧焊

  CAW-T——twin carbon arc welding——双碳极间电弧焊

  EGW——electrogas welding——气电立焊

  FCAW——flux cored arc welding——药芯焊丝电弧焊

  FCW-G——gas-shielded flux cored arc welding——气保护药芯焊丝电弧焊

  FCW-S——self-shielded flux cored arc welding——自保护药芯焊丝电弧焊

  GMAW——gas metal arc welding——熔化极气体保护电弧焊

  GMAW-P——pulsed arc——熔化极气体保护脉冲电弧焊

  GMAW-S——short circuiting arc——熔化极气体保护短路过度电弧焊

  GTAW——gas tungsten arc welding——钨极气体保护电弧焊

  GTAW-P——pulsed arc——钨极气体保护脉冲电弧焊

  MIAW——magnetically impelled arc welding——磁推力电弧焊

  PAW——plasma arc welding——等离子弧焊

  SMAW——shielded metal arc welding——焊条电弧焊

  SW——stud arc welding——螺栓电弧焊

  SAW——submerged arc welding——埋弧焊



  FW——flash welding——闪光焊RW-PC——pressure controlled resistance welding——压力控制电阻焊PW——projection welding——凸焊

  RSEW——resistance seam welding——电阻缝焊RSEW-HF——high-frequency seam welding——高频电阻缝焊

  RSEW-I——induction seam welding——感应电阻缝焊/> RSEW-MS——mash seam welding——压平缝焊

  RSW——resistance spot welding——点焊

  UW——upset welding——电阻对焊




  CEW——co-extrusion welding——CW——cold welding——冷压焊

  DFW——diffusion welding——扩散焊

  HIPW——hot isostatic pressure diffusion welding——热等静压扩散焊

  EXW——explosion welding——爆炸焊

  FOW——forge welding——锻焊FRW——friction welding——摩擦焊

  FRW-DD——direct drive friction welding——径向摩擦焊

  FSW——friction stir welding——搅拌摩擦焊

  FRW-I——inertia friction welding——惯性摩擦焊

  HPW——hot pressure welding——热压焊

  ROW——roll welding——热轧焊

  USW——ultrasonic welding——超声波焊


  DS——dip soldering——浸沾钎焊FS——furnace soldering——炉中钎焊IS——induction soldering——感应钎焊

  IRS——infrared soldering——红外钎焊INS——iron soldering——烙铁钎焊

  RS——resistance soldering——电阻钎焊

  TS——torch soldering——火焰钎焊UUS——ultrasonic soldering——超声波钎焊

  WS——wave soldering——波峰钎焊


  BB——block brazing——块钎焊

  DFB——diffusion brazing——扩散焊DB——dip brazing——浸沾钎焊

  EXB——exothermic brazing——反应钎焊

  FB——furnace brazing——炉中钎焊

  IB——induction brazing——感应钎焊

  IRB——infrared brazing——红外钎焊

  RB——resistance brazing——电阻钎焊TB——torch brazing——火焰钎焊

  TCAB——twin carbon arc brazing——双碳弧钎焊


  AAW——air-acetylene welding——空气乙炔焊OAW——oxy-acetylene welding——氧乙炔焊OHW——oxy-hydrogen welding——氢氧焊

  PGW——pressure gas welding——气压焊


  AB——adhesive bonding——粘接

  BW——braze welding——钎接焊ABW——arc braze welding——电弧钎焊

  CABW——carbon arc braze welding——碳弧钎焊

  EBBW——electron beam braze welding——电子束钎焊

  EXBW——exothermic braze welding——热反应钎焊

  FLB——flow brazing——波峰钎焊

  FLOW——flow welding——波峰焊

  LBBW——laser beam braze welding——激光钎焊

  EBW——electron beam welding——电子束焊

  EBW-HV——high vacuum——高真空电子束焊

  EBW-MV——medium vacuum——中真空电子束焊

  EBW-NV——non vacuum——非真空电子束焊

  ESW——electroslag welding——电渣焊

  ESW-CG——consumable guide eletroslag welding——熔嘴电渣焊

  IW——induction welding——感应焊

  LBW——laser beam welding——激光焊

  PEW——percussion welding——冲击电阻焊

  TW——thermit welding——热剂焊


  ASP——arc spraying——电弧喷涂FLSP——flame spraying——火焰喷涂FLSP-W——wire flame spraying——丝材火焰喷涂

  HVOF——high velocity oxyfuel spraying——高速氧燃气喷涂

  PSP——plasma spraying——等离子喷涂

  VPSP-W——vacuum plasma spraying——真空等离子喷涂



  OC-F——flux cutting——熔剂切割OC-P——metal powder cutting——金属熔剂切割

  OFC——oxyfuel gas cutting——氧燃气切割

  CFC-A——oxyacetylene cutting——氧乙炔切割

  CFC-H——oxyhydrogen cutting——氢氧切割

  CFC-N——oxynatural gas cutting——氧天然气切割

  CFC-P——oxypropanne cutting——氧丙酮切割

  OAC——oxygen arc cutting——氧气电弧切割

  OG——oxygen gouging——气刨

  OLC——oxygen lance cutting——氧矛切割


  CAC——carbon arc cutting——碳弧切割CAC-A——air carbon arc cutting——空气碳弧切割

  GMAC——gas metal arc cutting——熔化极气体保护电弧切割

  GTAC——gas tungsten arc cutting——钨极气体保护电弧切割

  PAC——plasma arc cutting——等离子弧切割

  SMAC——shielded metal arc cutting——焊条电弧切割


  EBC——electron beam cutting——电子束切割LBC——laser beam cutting——激光切割LBC-A——air——空气激光切割


  LBC-IG——inert gas——惰性气体激光切割

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Jose Sharks at home -- the first time that happened in 21 years. And Quick gave the Staples Center crowd something to remember.The Sharks carried the play in the first two periods, but Quick stopped all eight Sharks shots in the first, and denied 11 more in the second, while the Kings got goals from Slava Voynov and Mike Richards.San Jose came even harder in the third, piling up 16 shots, but they still couldn't solve Quick. Despite a 35-20 advantage in shots, the Sharks were on the short end of a 2-0 series-opening loss.Quick had another shutout in Game 5 as the Kings eventually won the series in seven games.Andy is dandy vs. Penguins -- After losing the first two games of the Eastern Conference semifinals to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Ottawa Senators were desperate for a big performance. At home for Game 3, they got it from goaltender Craig Anderson.Anderson stopped all 12 Penguins shots in a scoreless first period and kept the shutout intact until 1:07 was left in the second when Tyler Kennedy's shot got past him.But that was the only slip Anderson had. He held the fort until Daniel Alfredsson scored shorthanded with 28.6 seconds left in regulation to tie the game. Anderson stopped all nine Penguins shots in the third period as the game went to overtime. Anderson was even better in the first extra session,Air Jordan 3 Black Grey, when the Penguins threw 13 shots at him, but he denied them all.In the second overtime, Senators defenseman Chris Phillips was sent off for holding, but Anderson turned aside both Pittsburgh shots, two of the five the Penguins had in the second extra period.Ottawa finally won it on Colin Greening's goal at 7:39 of the second overtime, but it was Anderson who had the most memorable night. He stopped 49 of 50 shots, and all 12 the Penguins had on six power plays, including a 58-second 5-on-3 advantage early in the second period.It turned out to be the only shining moment for the Senators, who lost the series in five games.Tuukka Terrific -- Everyone expected a close, hard-fought series when the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins squared off in the Eastern Conference Final. With so many high-end offensive players, few expected one of the goalies to steal the show. But in Game 3, that's exactly what Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask did.Rask already had shut out the Penguins in Game 1, but his effort in Game 3 might have been even more impressive.He stopped 24 of 25 shots in the first two periods, with only a Chris Kunitz shot at 8:51 of the second eluding him in the first 40 minutes. It was the last one that would.With the game tied 1-1 heading into the third, the Penguins pushed hard, outshooting the Bruins 14-4, but Rask stopped all 14 shots. He made seven more saves in overtime,Nike Free 5.0 Pink, including two on a Pittsburgh power play. Tuukka Rask - 2013 PLAYOFFSGoalie  - BOSRECORD: 14-8GAA: 1.88 | SVP: 0.940  The game carried into a second overtime, and the Penguins outshot the Bruins 8-6, but the only shot that went in came off the stick of Boston's Patrice Bergeron, giving the Bruins a 2-1 win and a 3-0 series lead.Rask finished with 53 saves on 54 shots, including a 13-for-13 effort against the Pittsburgh power play. After blanking the Penguins for 60 minutes in Game 1, he did it for 66:28 in Game 3 after Kunitz's goal."Tuukka's been our most consistent player all year long," Bruins center Chris Kelly said. "He just proved that again tonight coming up with some big saves when we really needed them."Dual brilliance in net -- Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks saw an outstanding performances in each net, with seven goals scored on a total of 113 shots in 112:08 of hockey.Six of the seven goals were scored in regulation; Tuukka Rask stopped 36 of 39 shots for Boston, and Chicago's Corey Crawford made 22 saves on 25 shots.Each goalie raised his play in overtime.After Boston was outshot in regulation,Air Jordan 13 White Red, it carried the play in the first overtime, outshooting Chicago 12-8, including three on a power play after the Blackhawks were whistled for too many men on the ice. Pla


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