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美国焊接学会(AWS)注册焊接检验师(CWI)培训和取证考试 [复制链接]

AWS - a worldwide authority institution in the field of welding, the CWI certified by AWS possesses a very high reputation in the field of international welding fabrication and is recognized widely in the field of welding engineering project. Foreign customers always regard whether there are CWI personnel as an important point to check an enterprise personnel’s qualification and sometimes as a necessary condition of ordering for goods.
With the related certificate to show the value and abilities and to show to the society of the enterprise itself has become a feature for inviting application for jobs, applying for jobs and improving personnel one self’s ability. The candidates who have passed the test will be certified by AWS as CWI and become elite in the field to be assured his own ability and level.
If a person of an enterprise or contractor has CWI certificate, he will get benefits in the aspects below:
.. 在国内外竞争对手面前,大大提升自己出口产品的竞争优势;
Greatly improve its products’ export competition advantages among the foreign opponents;
.. 将产品质量事故及召回事件减至最低;
Reduce the quality incidents and recalling events as much as possible;
.. 支付有限的培训、考试费用,获得高收益和回报;
Pay limited training and testing fee to get high benefits and redound;
.. 提高生产量及生产效率的同时,使技术及质量保持在理想水平。 Improving capacity and manufacture efficiency meanwhile keeping the technology and quality at an ideal level.
经认可的注册焊接检验师(CWI)将得到由 AWS 颁发的注册焊接检验师证卡、证书及印章,同时进入AWS的全球注册登记系统。认证的注册焊接检验师的名字,将出现在AWS杂志<检验趋势>中,以便本行业相关人员进行查证。
Certified CWI will possesses a card,certificate, a stamp and be registered by AWS global AWS registration system. The registered CWI names will be present to AWS magazine <Inspection Trend> in order to be checked by related personnel.
AWS 要求在进行证书续证时提供近期相关工作经历证明,因此,取得CWI证书者具有长期竞争优势。焊工、技术人员及工程师均可通过培训和考试,而成为AWS 注册焊接检验师(CWI)。一旦取得该证书,您就面临更多的机遇。
Related recent working experience has been required when you need to renew certificate so that the CWIs have long-term competition advantages.
Welders, technicians and engineers can become CWI by training and tests. Once getting this certificate, you will face more chances.
经AWS审核和授权,上海市焊接学会从 2009年起,就在国内组织并举办注册焊接检验师(CWI)的培训和考试、取证,为焊接行业提供最可信赖的培训、考试和注册、认证服务。
By audited and authorized by AWS, SWS began to hold CWI training, testing and certifying since 2009 to offer the most reliable training, testing, registering and certifying services.
SWS在CWI培训方面拥有诸多优势:授课老师在焊接技术、工艺和检验等方面有丰富实践经验;SWS 专家对AWS 的 CWI 的培训教材进行了认真的翻译和审核,使得教材更加准确。大量的练习材料,方便了学员的培训。
SWS have a lot of advantages in the field of CWI training: the teachers have rich experience in the field of welding technology, workmanship and inspection. The material for CWI training has been carefully translated and examined and approved manuscripts by the experts of SWS to make the teaching material more accurate. Abundant training material convenience the candidates greatly for their training.
根据AWS 的培训要求,SWS 安排了为期一周的强化培训(详见下文)。对学员进行针对性训练,为学员参加 CWI 考试提供专业的考前准备,既使学员的知识面得到拓展、技能得到提高,并了解熟悉多种有关行业国际制造、检验、测试的规范标准及技术要求,又使得学员能够在考试前做好充分准备。
According to training requirements of AWS, SWS strengthen training for whole week (details below). Special training for candidates offering them with widening knowledge, technology and be familiar with several international facilitation, inspection, test criterion and technology requirements and make enough preparations for taking part in CWI tests.
AWS 注册焊接检验师培训考试网络查询和报名、联系方式
If you need to learn more about CWI training and examinations, please visit www.shws.org, check out our CWI training & examination program and download the application form. After filling the application form, you can e-mail or fax them to us. Make sure the application form with required signature and stamp, then submit the relevant supporting information.
1. 参加注册焊接检验师CWI的认证考试,必须满足一定的资格条件,详见AWS QC-1。您也可以登陆SWS网页www.shws.org 查询相关详细资料;
To join the CWI exam, you must meet all the qualifications of AWS, see AWS QC-1. You can also visit the SWS website www.shws.org for more relevant details;
2. 有关资料信息可通过SWS的电邮hjxh@shws.orgchara.lee@live.cn向李小姐索取;
All the information are available through SWS email hjxh@shws.org or chara.lee@live.cn from Miss Lee;
3. 对于报考人员超过3人及以上的公司或组织,如能提前确定参加考试,SWS可给予一定的培训考试费用折扣;
For more than 3 candidates from one company or organizations, who attend same seminar as well, SWS could offer discount of training & examination fee;
4. 对于报考人数较多的公司/组织,SWS可组织专门内部培训班,上门进行培训、考试;
For those companies / organizations have an amount of candidates, SWS can offer specialized internal training courses, Onsite training and examination;
5. 可以选择是否参加培训课程,但SWS认为进行严格培训能大大提高考生考试的通过率。也可单独选择Part B 目视检验课程。有关培训考试价格,请与SWS联系。
You can choose whether to participate in training courses, but SWS think that it can greatly increase the possibility of passing the exam by strict training. Part B can also be individually selected visual inspection programs. Please contact SWS for the Price.
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不同的标准体系对焊接检验员资格的取得有不同的程序要求,这里着重介绍已经在世界上成功运作了数十年的 AWS 焊接检验员的认证程序。
焊接检验员资格程序标准:AWS QC1 AWS 焊接检验师资格认证标准和AWS B5.1 焊接检验员资格评定技术条件。
以下主要介绍焊接检验员 CWI 的认证要求。
第一步是提供有关教育程度及工作经历的文件。此外,还必须以文件形式证明报考者按照某种规范或技术条件从事焊接工作相关经历的年数。有些学历可以对工作经历有一定的抵扣。详见上海市焊接学会的网站:www.shws.org ,可以了解相关资料。
A  部分 —— 基础知识考试  采用闭卷形式,由150道单项选择题组成。
B  部分 —— 实际操作考试 实际操作考试由46道试题组成。该考试要求使用所提供的测量工具去测量焊缝的复制模型,并按照所提供的“技术条件手册”评定测量结果。
C 部分 ——规范考试  采取开卷形式。考题为 50 道左右。报考者自选应试的规范。目前,实行中文考试的内容仅为:
● AWS D 1.1.  AWS D1.1 钢结构焊接规范 的考试内容包括以下几个方面:总则、焊接连接的设计、WPS 的免除评定、评定、制作、检验、螺柱焊和附录。
● API 1104.API 1104 管线及相关设施焊接规范
● AWS D1.5. AWS D1.5 桥梁焊接规范
● AWS D15.1.AWS D15.1 铁路机车和车厢焊接技术条件
● ASME Section VIII 和 ASME Section IX,ASME B31.1,ASME B31.3
焊接检验师应当能够完全理解所用的专门术语和定义,在日常工作中使用标准化的术语和定义。为了满足这种需要,可参阅AWS A3.0——标准焊接术语和定义。(本次培训可提供该标准的电子版)
美国无损探伤学会已经在ASNT SNT-TC-1A 中颁布了无损探伤人员资格认证指南。该文件推荐了用于无损探伤人员资格认证的程序。ASNT承认三个级别的无损探伤人员资格,分别为Ⅰ级,Ⅱ级和Ⅲ级。

在AWS QC1 中,包括有认证注册的焊接检验师的三个级别。
第一个级别,注册高级焊接检验师(SCWI)要有至少15年的经验, 并有6年的注册焊接检验师CWI的工作经历。注册高级焊接检验师SCWI必须通过下述注册焊接检验师CWI资格考试以外的一种考试。有关注册高级焊接检验师(SCWI)的认证程序及考试要求请参见单独的培训考核程序:焊接质量保证及检验手册 — 注册高级焊接检验师指南。


Miss Li, 请问是不是14年6月的学员目前还不能登录AWS的官网?只有等成绩出来的时候才可以登入吗?
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