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Shanghai Welding Society and it’s Services for AWS Certification
Published:2013-09-09 Hits:2515

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Depending on national industry base and the innovation of science and technology, american welding has been becoming the manufacturing process which represents one of the U.S. essential competitive powers. American Welding Society (hereinafter referred AWS), which was founded in 1919, devotes all the best to welding subject especially on compiling welding standards and conducting affairs of welding certification such as Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and Certificate Welder (CW) and makes remarkable achievements in the nearly century.

Shanghai Welding Society (hereinafter referred SWS), which has the advantage of professional base and the 30-year experience of certification for welders and welding related engineers,  authorized as an international agency by AWS for CWI in 2008 with agency agreement and for CW in 2009 with Accredited Test Facility (ATF) No.: 100102. After that, SWS began the training courses and examination of CWI and CW according to AWS’s requirement and relevant AWS standards.

As welding is very practical, AWS certification specially lays emphasis on practicality. For instance, candidates should have enough practical experience and pass the examination of practical operation skills. In fact, CWI training program and certification prove to be very welcomed by many enterprises in China.

After become the international agency of AWS,The leadership of SWS has paid much attention to all the certification Services. SWS training centre, which is full independent property of SWS, has played an important role in all these matters of the operating. SWS provides excellent services to the CWI candidates with fully prepared tutors and strictly following the processes and programs required by AWS certification. As a result, SWS has made remarkable progress and earned lots of fame by enterprises and experts in the past years about AWS certification service.


Welder (CW) Test Site

Society organizes regular educational meetings with CWI instructors

Society organizes regular educational meetings with CWI instructors






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