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Fronius International GMH Visit Shanghai Welding Society
Published:2013-09-09 Hits:2665

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    Mr. JOSEF KREINDL, Mr. Gred Holzschuh and etc. from Fronius International visit Shanghai Welding Society on Sep.2nd,2013.

    Fronius International established in Austria, 1945, and commences production of battery chargers and welding transformers. Shanghai Welding Society has successfully corporate with Fronius as early as 2007 when they entering Chinese market. This time, they hope experts from our society can give suggestions for their VIRTUAL WELDING SYSTEM. Mr. Ding Fubao, secretary-general of Shanghai Welding Society, Mr. Zhang Naizhi, the Director of Training and Consulting Center received them.


    Mr. Ding Fubao introduced Shanghai Welding Society and Mr. Josef Krenidl also introduced their company and VIRTUAL WELDING SYSTEM for beginner. Mr. Josef also give us a live demonstration. Mr. Ding Fubao and Mr. Zhang Naizhi feel that VIRTUAL WELDING make convenience for beginner and have its significance of popularization.

    Mr. Ding Fubao show clients training and consulting center which is in expanding,our clients said the expansion of Training and Consulting Centre show our strength and it will be more conducive to training and consulting work in future.

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