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Academic papers
Forecast Chinese Welding Market Development
Published:2013-09-09 Hits:3215

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MW Metal Working Magazine

【Editor Note】In order to grasp Chinese welding market for the enterprises who want to open Chinese market,a time when SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2013 open.MW Metal Working Magazine write this article according to the paper by welding experts,who write different industry welding market demand on the 2013 China welding market forum.


China steel market and welding market are already the largest in the world under the 30 years development by reform and opening. The director of the management of Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair organizations,chief supervisor of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Mr. Song Tianhu points out that China welding machine,consumables and cutting machine require market are more than 60 billion RMB. But its technique level is still falling behind that of other developed countries,especially in high end products. At present, "manufacturing industry digitalization, intelligence" is the core technology of the new industrial revolution. The goal of Chinese manufacturing industry which Chinese authorities have already set is to upgrade to NC generation by year 2020,and to upgrade to intelligent generation by year 2030. The overall progress of the development trends and Chinese industrial technology will dominate the future trend of Chinese welding industry.

The expert estimates that,within the after more than ten years, welding process automatic and intelligent,welding machine digital and intelligent,welding consumables high-end and variety structure adjustment for adapt automatic welding, will make Chinese welding market hitherto unknown change gradually.

Because petrochemical industry、nuclear power industry,offshore engineering,shipbuilding industry,construction steel structure,railway traffic,boiler and pressure vessel industry,construction machinery and so on,represent the main part of welding market in China, this article is based on these eight industries to forecast the demand situation of welding machine and welding consumables in China within after three years.

一、The Demand Situation of Welding Consumables

    Under the development of Chinese welding technology,Chinese welding automatic is higher and higher,and application is more and more widely. So the welding wires as the consumable for the welding automatic, will be more and more widely used. According to the expert’s forecast,until 2015 year,although the welding rod application ratio will drop to below 20% of the amount welding consumables in Chinese manufacturing industry, considering the  welding rod demand in urban and rural construction engineering,the welding rod application ratio will keep about 30%. So the trend of demand in future market is from overall electrode, changes to all kinds of wire based direction.

Although the welding consumables development direction is welding wire,the requirement of  welding consumables quality is more and more increased according to the improvement of the steel comprehensive mechanical properties. The development of future Chinese welding market for welding consumable demand will be from low-end to high-end. So,the high-end welding consumables will be more prospective,especially in nuclear power,petrochemical industry,offshore engineering which require higher mechanical properties equipment.

二、The Demand Situation of Welding Machine

For welding is as a key process in production of manufacturing industry,welding machine is always being widely focus by the users in Chinese market. The producing efficiency of welding machine has great influence on the efficiency and quality of products. Since the continuously increase of labor cost in China,manufacturing industry requires more and more high-end welding machines which can provide higher automatic productivity to improve the overall competitive advantage . But different industries require different high-end welding machine according to the specific products,so we describe it refer to different industry as below.

  1. Petrochemical Industry Engineering Construction

According to expert’s forecast,Chinese petrochemical industry engineering construction is still in an important period of development in the future,more new projects,large construction,higher standard. And the construction company are all promote the use of the new technology,new process,new material and new machine to adapt the require of the development trend of the petrochemical industry engineering construction.

Because the petrochemical engineering construction investment has been much larger,welding work is larger;and using more different materials,welding process required higher;project construction across different specialized field,welding management much difficult in workplace;more work is outdoor,welding machine and welding consumables properties required harsh. So SMAW machine is used widely,especially of the welding machine which is lighter,less energy and suit to work in the outdoor workplace. SAW and MIG semi-automatic or automatic welding machine also used more and more widely,these machines market are more prospects.

  1. Nuclear Power Industry

Since nuclear power is a safe,mature technology and strong supply capacity clean energy,Chinese  development of nuclear power is to meet the electricity demand, optimizing energy structure, ensuring energy security, promoting sustainable economic development of major strategic initiatives,it is also the best way to reduce environmental pollution and to realize the coordinated development of economy and ecological environment. China will develop nuclear power to more safety and higher efficient because of the Fukushima incident. So nuclear power development will from activity develop nuclear power to safety and higher efficient. That means China will keep building rhythm,sound and orderly manner nuclear power construction. New nuclear power plants must comply with the requirements of safety standards for the third generations,because of the especially of the nuclear power equipment made it manufacturing require much higher welding machine.

   Revitalization of the nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry will definitely trigger the rapid development of welding machine market,and it also provides a good development opportunity for the welding machine enterprises. In nuclear power equipment manufacturing,except GTAW,SMAW, MIG/MAG、SAW、FCAW、ESW and EBW machines used in nuclear power equipment installation,the dedicated complete sets of welding equipment also strongly adopts mechatronics and automatic control technology,it makes the products gain rapid improvement. But high-end and special welding machine are also rely on import in mainly,such as narrow gap welding machine,narrow gap TIG semi-automatic welding machine, CRDM special welding machine which control rod drive mechanism,pipeline to pipeline or pipeline to plate TIG automatic welding machine which have more automatically.


  1. Offshore Engineering

At present,offshore engineering is one of the industry which has much activity in Chinese manufacturing industry. 30%~40% part of offshore engineering equipment manufacturing rely on welding, while offshore platform leg welding is mostly by hand and semi-automatic welding. These processes make welding quality and stability become worst,also the lower productivity,the higher labor intensity. Therefore,in order to adapt to offshore engineering industry transformation and upgrade,enhance the level of welding automatic is the future direction of development. Such as high automation,the welding robot system has resistant to high preheat temperature,narrow gap welding,narrow groove,all-position welding,mobile autonomous,and the welding machine which has high efficient lower spatter,double wire,narrow gap welding will be both demanded in the future.


  1. Shipbuilding Industry

According to the national release of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” clearly outlines the Chinese shipbuilding industry development priorities:In accordance with the new international shipbuilding standards, promote bulk,tanker, container ship three major ship upgrades;Improve the level of development shipbuilding industry and marine equipment, shipping rate;Focus on the development of large LNG carriers,large LPG ships,ocean-going fishing boats,luxury cruises and other high-tech,high value-added ships;Accelerate marine mobile drilling platforms,floating production systems,offshore engineering vessels and auxiliary vessels and key supporting equipment,systems designed and building pace.

Thus,it promotes the development of shipbuilding welding technology toward to automatic,intelligent,digital,robotic,energy efficient,safety and green. Ultimately achieve high quality,high efficiency,low cost,unmanned ship welding technology situation.


5. Construction Steel Structure

Construction steel structure engineering is mainly used  GMAW,FCAW-G(F,H,V),SMAW(O)technology in assembly and installation phase. As thick long seam and outdoor work,it requires welding machine to be high-tech:withstand large welding parameters,fast,long time,continuous welding. Machine in the above condition,in the range of 50~70mm won’t affect the welding parameters’ electric current(volt)drop,and all index stable and reliable. Meanwhile welding machine also bear the heat,cold,wind and rain,and frequent transition occur due to the collision,and performance keep the same. Thus,it requires that welding machine has good adaption,reliable,advanced,economy and high automatic.


6.Railway Traffic

Locomotive welding technology will make much more improvement and development in the future,car body structure and its quality will also improve. With the development of the vehicle,the demand of welding assembly,material used,welding consumables are also change and improvement. Rail car body manufacturing mainly related to stainless steel and carbon steel body,Al alloy body and the bogie welding manufacturing,so they have their own production features.


(1)Stainless steel and carbon steel body. welding machine complete set,automatic degree,manufacturing precision and overall quality both require significant improved. It requires welding machines to have high accuracy,high reliable,integrated intelligent,multifunctional and so on. Spot welding requires machine more automatic,digital,and ensure the machine have good control system to ensure the welding parameters reliable and welding quality;The MAG welding machine requires welding arc to be reliable,droplet stability,which means that the machine has stable control system,which is enough intelligent but not cumbersome. The intelligent MAG machine which provided by pulse power can be used spreading;Tradition TIG is required to develop to semi-automatic or automatic technology , which makes it has the same efficiency of MAG and high seam quality of TIG.

(2)Al alloy car body. At present, Al alloy car body is manufactured with all Al structure,because it takes large of structure welding technology,and the welding seam is so long and standard,therefore,it can be used automatic welding technology widely. The robots are first applied to welding Al alloy car body widely in 2002,and for its widely application with the high standard and stable gun in this year, the robots is up to 80% on the new welding machine investment. With the more application of robots,double wire MIG welding technology will be used widely.

(3)Bogie welding. On bogie welding process,welding machine develops to automatic and intelligent. Arc welding machine developed from normal AC and DC machine to inverter machine and pulse machine,so the machine can realize multifunction and also has MAG,SAMW,TIG function,and this machine inset welding expert program to ensure the best arc control for variety material welding process. On welding robots,the robots can be controlled by positioner,so the control system can control the welding robots,robots axis and positioner motion axis. With the output increase,single robot control mode take the machine low utilization,large workplace,process of convergence is not close,large logistics work. Flexible welding system mode and off-line programming system can improve welding efficiency and reduce labor intensity for worker,and improve the manufacturing management.


7.Boiler Pressure Vessels

The key welding machines for modernization boiler pressure vessels manufacturing almost rely on import. In the next ten years,Chinese boiler pressure vessels manufacturing will develop to large scale and modernization,so it will need more high-end automatic welding machine.

8.Construction Machinery

Chinese construction machinery industry is used automatic or semi-automatic CO2+Ar air welding. The automatic or semi-automatic welding machines with energy conservation,high efficiency,intelligent will be main investment by Chinese construction machinery industry. Maybe in the next three years,the potential demand of automatic welding machine will be 27 billion RMB. The mid-thick plate structure parts welding robot may need about 2000 sets per year,and the welding automatic complete sets may need about 22500 sets per year,and digital arc power may need about 400000 sets per years.



With the globalization development of manufacturing industry,and rapid development of Chinese economy,Chinese manufacturing enterprises’ participation in the global competition is under higher degree,the enterprises are constantly increasing investment on automatic welding machine and high-end consumables to increase products market competitiveness in the world. Although enterprises investment on automatic welding machines are larger at present, but the automatic welding machine ratio is still lower(is about at 10%~15%) than that of other developed countries. Thus,the digital and intelligent high-end automatic welding machine has a large market in China in the future.



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