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Contact person: Li Jiwen, Mao Feng, Xue Wei

Email: hjxh@shws.org


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Shanghai Welding Society And Its Training and Consulting Centre

Shanghai Welding Society (SWS) was founded in 1979.Training and Consulting Centre is the institution below the Society. With the leading of the Society, the Centre develops all kinds of training, certifying, assessing and consulting services on welding in Shanghai and other areas. Because of its good services, SWS has gained a lot of good comments from many domestic and international enterprises and distinct social benefits.


Training and Certifying for CWI of AWS


SWS and AWS has made an agreement for the training and test for CWI of AWS in July, 2008. It is the only national institution cooperated with AWS, having the training, testing and awarding certificates for CWI.

SWS carefully organize the training and certifying tests for CWI according to all the procedures stated by AWS. Keen-witted and capable teachers and precise training attitude gets more and more candidates’ good comments. Candidates taking part in the training and certifying tests for CWI are not only from all the areas in mainland China but also from Taiwan and other foreign countries, such as Spain, Congo and so on. With the efforts of all the staffs and training teachers, we not only assure the quality but also improve the eligible proportion of the CWI tests.


All kinds of welders’ training and certifying tests


From the beginning of 70’ last century, SWS had focused on the welders’ training and certifying. Since more than 30 years, SWS has also developed the welders’ training and certifying test for national pressure vessels, long-distance transportation pipe, and special type equipments. These years, welders’ training and certifying tests according to international standard have been also hold, for example, the welders’ training and certifying tests according to EN standard and other standards. Based on having all kinds of welders’ training carefully according to standards, SWS successfully gets the certificate and authorization as ATF(Accredited Test Facility)from AWS, which makes SWS become the only domestic institution authorized by AWS to carry out the AWS registration welders’ training and certifying in mainland China.


WPS and welding technology consulting


Besides actively developing training and certifying tests for CWI and welders, the Training and Consulting Centre also actively provides consulting service on all kinds of national and international standard WPS and welding technology for various customers. With the support of lots of rich experiential experts, distinct achievements have been made. And now, the Training and Consulting center develops a lot of WPS including that according to GB, AWS, ASME, EN and so on. Experts’ rich experience, understanding toward all kinds of standards and careful work attitude make the WPS and welding technology consulting to be improved continuously to get good social benefits which leave a deep impression on some foreign experts and established a good brand image. We not only service for national customers such as Bao-steel, ZPMC, Tai Heavy,Sany, etc, but also for foreign enterprises such as Alstom, Cummins, Lisega Tetra Pak, Konecranes and etc.

Nowadays Training and Consulting Centre, as Society’s professional institution, has achieved optimize combination of age on personnel structure. We stick to strict management procedures and operate according to all the procedures and standards carefully. With the leading of Society’s leaders, and with the support of experts from colleges, scientific research academes, Training and Consulting Centre will continuously offer good services to enterprises. We also look forward to having more partners.



Training and consulting centre of SWS can offer you the services below:


Training and certifying test for CWI of AWS;

Welders’ training and certifying test according to all kinds of national and international standard such as GB、AWS、ASME、EN;

WPSs qualification according to all kinds of national and international standard such as GB、AWS、ASME、EN;

Welding technology consulting.


If you want to know more details about SWS and Training and Consulting Centre of SWS, please log on www.shws.org.

SWS / Training and Consulting Centre






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