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Address: Shanghai City, Yishan Road No. 889 Building No. 2, 1 floor

Telephone: 021-64858626, 021-64855758,


Fax: 02154260515

Contact person: Li Jiwen, Mao Feng, Xue Wei



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The Training and Certifying Test for CWI of AWS


AWS - a worldwide authority institution in the field of welding, the CWI certified by AWS possesses a very high reputation in the field of international welding fabrication and is recognized widely in the field of welding engineering project. Foreign customers always regard whether there are CWI personnel as an important point to check an enterprise personnel’s qualification and sometimes as a necessary condition of ordering for goods.


With the related certificate to show the value and abilities and to show to the society of the enterprise itself has become a feature for inviting application for jobs, applying for jobs and improving personnel one self’s ability. The candidates who have passed the test will be certified by AWS as CWI and become elite in the field to be assured his own ability and level.


If a person of an enterprise or contractor has CWI certificate, he will get benefits in the aspects below:

Greatly improve its products’ export competition advantages among the foreign opponents;

Reduce the quality incidents and recalling events as much as possible;

Pay limited training and testing fee to get high benefits and redound;

l  Improving capacity and manufacture efficiency meanwhile keeping the technology and quality at an ideal level.


Certified CWI will possesses a card,certificate, a stamp and be registered by AWS global AWS registration system. The registered CWI names will be present to AWS magazine <Inspection Trend> in order to be checked by related personnel.


Related recent working experience has been required when you need to renew certificate so that the CWIs have long-term competition advantages.

Welders, technicians and engineers can become CWI by training and tests. Once getting this certificate, you will face more chances. 


By audited and authorized by AWS, SWS began to hold CWI training, testing and certifying since 2009 to offer the most reliable training, testing, registering and certifying services.


SWS have a lot of advantages in the field of CWI training: the teachers have rich experience in the field of welding technology, workmanship and inspection. The material for CWI training has been carefully translated and examined and approved manuscripts by the experts of SWS to make the teaching material more accurate. Abundant training material convenience the candidates greatly for their training.


According to training requirements of AWS, SWS strengthen training for whole week (details below). Special training for candidates offering them with widening knowledge, technology and be familiar with several international facilitation, inspection, test criterion and technology requirements and make enough preparations for taking part in CWI tests. 

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