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Address: 9/F, No.195, Lane 5008, Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai China

Telephone:021-64858626; 021-64855758; 021-54246519

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Contact person: Li Jiwen, Mao Feng, Xue Wei

Email: hjxh@shws.org


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Shanghai Welding Society contains total of 35 group members, more than 700 individual members which covers field of boilers, shipbuilding, electric power, pressure vessels, chemical, automotive, steel, port machinery, aerospace, universities, research institutes, etc., over ten industries.
We has a strong human resources, including almost all enterprises and institutions of the welding elite, mostly professors, researchers, senior engineers and other senior personnel, and for each unit of the welding professional academic, subject leaders and the welding supervisor. They have a very high welding field theoretical level and practical experience. In order to solve a variety of difficult technical problems in engineering practice to provide a solid foundation. Our team is willing to provide quality and effective social consulting services for welding.
Specific services include
1, The preliminary technical preparation of major projects; Total solutions including welding and welding equipment, welding materials; Welding workshop; Administrations.
2, Welding Welding procedure qualification program and project development consulting.
3, Welding quality process control, welding structure rationality Consulting
4, New welding equipment, new materials, new processes, new technologies and application of the latest research results.
5, In addition to other steels, various non-ferrous metals (aluminum, titanium, nickel, copper, zirconium) welding consultation.
6, Welders, welding management training and advice
7, Other consulting projects of business users in the welding field

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